Those Awkward Contact Lens Moments

Our contact lenses are our best friends.

They’re there when we need them, and they make our lives a lot easier, but just like a real best friend they can also make things a little awkward. We’ve all had a contact lens that somehow seems to have a mind of its own and mishaps happen. Here are the five most embarrassing moments contact lens wearers will know a little too well.

1. Eyelashes are gone rogue 

It’s all going so well; you pop in your lenses, blink and one of them doesn’t feel right. You start the examination, and it looks like there’s a crack in the lens and takes it out. Yup, a rogue eyelash is a culprit. Just blow it off, making a wish while you do, and give your lens a bit of a clean before you pop it back in or you can try blinking a few times, and often lashes will fall out from behind your lens without you having to clean them.

2. Oops, it’s inside out

  We’ve all done it. It’s early, you’re running late and in a rush to get your lenses in as quickly as possible, but you’re so busy rushing that you don’t notice your lens is turned the wrong way until you put it in and it just doesn’t feel right. Excellent, just what you need. Fear not, we have a solution. The image below will help to ensure you always put your contact lens in the right way once and for all.

3. Your contact lens decides to do a Houdini

The most awkward thing about it is that it happens when you least expect it, you’ll happily be minding your own business or be in the middle of a conversation with someone important. Out of the blue, you feel it happening, and the blur starts closing in on you and you know one of your lenses has done a disappearing act. The worst part is now you have to order everyone to stay still while you search for your lens with one eye scrunched close and everyone paused mid-sentence. This is why it’s a significant life-hack to carry a small bottle of solution in your bag or at your desk at work, so it’s on hand if you need to give your lens a bit of a clean before you put it back in place.

4. You’re about to doze off without taking out your lenses

It’s been a long stressful day, and you’re halfway through binging your new favorite series when you feel yourself dozing off. Then it hits you; you haven’t taken out your lenses yet. You have to get up out of your comfy bed and take them out. Getting up to take them out may seem like a hassle at the time, but it’s much better than waking up with dry, scratchy, and sore eyes.

5. You rip your last lens

You’re a monthly lens wearer, and you’ve made it through the month, and it’s time for a fresh pair of lenses. The right side goes in fine, and you’re a little distracted while you put in the other one. Plot twist 1: It’s ripped. Plot twist 2: You haven’t ordered your next month’s supply yet. You could rock your glasses for a month, or you could have a new set of monthlies sent to you in 1-5 working days, grab your phone, and with a few taps on your screen, your new set of lenses will be on their way to you from Eyesupply.

While our lenses may cause a little awkwardness from time to time, they’re still worth it.

So remember to order your lenses, and we’ll deliver them straight to your door for free, no fuss, no drama just all the convenience.